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Medical billing is a very complicated and cumbersome process. If not handled appropriately, a practice will leave thousands of dollars on the table and could put the practice out of business.

Medical billing
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When discussing medical billing, we often think about the billing team. However, this process starts with the registration team, requires appropriate charting and coding, and ends when the patient balance is paid in full.

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The clinical staff must complete the registration process and ensure that the patient’s insurance is accepted by the provider and where they will be seen. If this is not an option, the patient must be aware of out-of-network expenses or cash-pay options that the practice offers instead. 

Once the registration process is complete, staff have collected a co-pay if the patient has one, and the patient is in an exam room, the clinical team process begins. Practices must have effective charting tools to appropriately meet HIPAA and insurance guidelines for charting and coding requirements. 

Effective templates are often overlooked when it comes to medical billing services. Well-organized templates will allow the practice to work more efficiently, see more patients, and ensure that all codes are captured appropriately so you get paid for the work you provide. These templates also allow for better document services provided during the visit, giving the needed information to appeal a denied payment, and if coded effectively, will speed up the medical biller’s process to get the practice paid for services rendered. 

Aspire Health Management specializes in creating custom templates that meet your preferences and guidelines to get paid.

Concentrate on how medical billing templates help

Requirements to bill certain codes are often changing. The medical biller and team must be well-versed in changes that occur with these codes, diagnosis codes that must be included, modifiers that are needed, etc. The billing team should review all charges as well as the provider’s notes to ensure that all codes are captured and billed correctly.

Your medical billing team must have effective best practices for collecting patient balances. Electronic and paper statements are options for patients’ preferences, as are how often to send statements and when it makes sense to send a patient to collections. And how to effectively offer payment plans to your patients in need.

Communication throughout the billing process is vital. Your billing team must be in constant contact with management, the registration team, and doctors. As mistakes are made, the billing team must notify others and re-educate them to avoid future mistakes that cost the practice time and money.

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Aspire Health Management specializes in best practices for medical billing services. Our medical billing consultants are prepared to help you and your team to run an effective department that reduces stress, improves efficiency, and gets you paid for the work that you deliver.

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The goal at Aspire Health Management is to alleviate the pains and burdens of running a medical practice so that the physicians can focus on what they do best, caring for their patients. They act as operating partners providing financial accounting, billing, credentialing, marketing, templating, HR, and IT support through their specialized management service.

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