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Running It is not an easy road, but our clients take comfort knowing they are traveling with people who have done it before. Our experts ensure that your financial strategy is well aligned with your overall business strategy through our highly flexible CFO services. We work closely with your team to ensure integrity and insight in your financial reporting, forecasting and controls so that you can navigate the complexities of growing your business.

Finances for the Future

While a business’s finances start with timely and accurate financial reports, strong financial reporting goes beyond this. Accounting reports are a rear-view mirror suitable for simply informing on past performance. In order to achieve future objectives however, financial reports must be forward looking and be based on key drivers of the business including pricing strategies, labor ratios, manufacturing costs and systems, sales funnels, or other specific departmental costs.

When these drivers are understood well, and insightful forecasts are in hand, our CFO’s and consultants are best able to work with the executive team to evaluate strategic initiatives, assess risk and opportunity, secure necessary financial resources, and guide the company to success.

A growing company should have robust financial systems including:

The number 1

Timely and accurate financial statements produced each month

The number 2

Financial metrics including, but not limited to cost/unit, breakeven and gross margin analysis, banking ratios, and other critical business drivers

The number 3

Financial controls and processes that minimize waste, abuse and risk

The number 4

13-week cash projections, and other treasury protocols

The number 5

Current year and multi-year business forecasts that plan for seasonality, critical investments or other uses of working capital

The number 6

A capital plan that balances debt, equity and working capital

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Our CFO’s and consultants have worked around the globe to build strong financial systems for health care providers, software companies, consumer goods, manufacturing, general contractors, hospitality, and others across the USA, Europe and Southeast Asia.

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The goal at Aspire Health Management is to alleviate the pains and burdens of running a medical practice so that the physicians can focus on what they do best, caring for their patients. They act as operating partners providing financial accounting, billing, credentialing, marketing, templating, HR, and IT support through their specialized management service.

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AmCham Dubai, also known as The American Business Council in Dubai and historically as (ABC Dubai), was the first bilateral trade organization established in the U.A.E. and operates under the local patronage of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry. AmCham Dubai is a member of the global network of American Chambers of Commerce in Washington, DC. The Council’s membership is comprised of American Fortune 500 companies, SMEs,  U.A.E. organizations, and includes American and Emirati individuals across all sectors of business and industry.

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Founded in 1954, the Association for Corporate Growth has chapters worldwide representing 14,500 members. ACG serves 90,000 investors, executives, lenders and advisers to growing middle-market companies. ACG's mission is to drive middle-market growth.

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