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The most complex part of a medical office getting paid by insurance is the medical coding aspect of the medical billing process.  Effective templates can perform much of this process for you if set up correctly. There are different methods to go about this. If the providers have some base knowledge of initial codes for services rendered and how they document them, this can be of great value.

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An effective practice must have specially trained staff (medical coders) on their team who will audit the medical diagnoses and procedures input by the clinical team. These codes are applied to a patient’s record, and insurers use them to evaluate the appropriate payment amount for a medical visit. These rates vary by insurance, region, and other factors.

Medical coders should be certified and pursue ongoing training on current practices to ensure quality standards for medical coding, including coding compliance, consistency, and accuracy. Coders will often find issues with codes used by providers and be able to suggest codes that shouldn’t be used together or alternative codes that might better capture services rendered. Coders should have the expertise to add modifiers to the CPT codes or appropriate diagnosis codes in the patient’s chart to ensure correct payment by the insurance companies.


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Aspire Health Management for Medical Coding Services

Practices that do not have effective coders on staff lose thousands of dollars every month on services rendered that should be paid by insurance and aren’t. Aspire Health Management has professionally certified and trained medical coders on staff that are prepared to assist you with your coding needs to ensure that you get paid for the work that you provide.

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The goal at Aspire Health Management is to alleviate the pains and burdens of running a medical practice so that the physicians can focus on what they do best, caring for their patients. They act as operating partners providing financial accounting, billing, credentialing, marketing, templating, HR, and IT support through their specialized management service.

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